About the Linn County Medical Society

→The LCMS promotes professional growth for physicians, and quality health care for the community. The LCMS is an independent forum for physician discussion. We provide leadership, education, and representation for physicians as they deliver health care to the community. We exist to serve our members by facilitating physician collegiality, developing solutions to problems, and enhancing the public trust in physicians. CLICK HERE to see our LCMS Strategic Map and organization goals.

A Physician Briefing for All Physician Providers is being planned in January 2016 by the LCMS Board of Directors. Please give us the top 5 issues impacting your practice today. We’ll be in touch when the agenda is set.  You are urged to contact the LCMS with your ideas.  You should find this enlightening.  lcmedicalsociety@gmail.com

Evacuation Service

Would you need help evacuating during an emergency: such as fire, flood, tornado or extended power outage?   If you, or someone close to you, has a disability or special need which would require help to evacuate in an emergency, you should enroll on the Special Needs Registry.   Click here to see how to enroll.

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